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I accept Orlistat two months and during this time it was succeeded to dump 25 kg. I awfully was afraid of any tablets. But when the arrow of scales passed for 100 kg – ran to the doctor. To me the doctor appointed ksenikat. But the result impressed me – I dumped 25 kg in two months. Now my life became much more cheerful:) better:) From second month of reception I started going to fitness and in the second month it turned out to dump more, than in the first month. In total in process and I continue to work on myself. First, the preparation Ksenikal is the medical preparation (medicine for weight loss) applied as a last resort when no diets and sport work. Don’t try to make independently to yourself the diagnosis “obesity” – consult with the doctor!

Secondly, judging by numerous responses of ordinary patients, Xenical renders irreparable harm to an organism, destroys a liver, etc. Orlistat – a preparation which helps to grow thin. Certainly, not all and not always. It is necessary to understand that орлистат – not panacea from excess weight and to keep symmetry, all the same it is necessary to eat less and not to neglect physical activities. Orlistat blocks the enzymes necessary for digestion of fats. Undigested fats leave an organism together with a stake.

Orlistat 120mg efficacy

Researches showed that reception of a preparation in small doses (30–60 mg 3 times per day) isn’t effective at all. If to speak about dietary supplement (dietary supplements to food), in them it contains in smaller doses. It is dictated by requirements to production. Therefore to speak about effect of dietary supplement of the containing I ksenikat on a fatty exchange it doesn’t make sense. Efficiency of a preparation was shown in doses about 120 mg 3 times per day. Weight reduction of a third of patients for 5%-6% or a little more was result of one of experiments which is carried out within a year, and that, thus there were disagreements. It is in my opinion obvious that patients simply are afraid to use fats and reducing their consumption achieve some weight reduction of a body. This effect is described as a positive effect of a preparation. They are held by a psychological factor — fear, expectation of discomfort or physical inconveniences of the fat products connected with use. Pay attention — simply limiting greasy food, you lose almost same number of kilograms, as well as when using a ksenikal. In my opinion, 5%-6% weight reduction within a year – are absolutely not enough for effective treatment of obesity. And furthermore if it can be followed by risk of the possible, stated above complications.

Xenical is very effective preparation. I don’t regret that risked to decide on its reception, result on the person! Xenical, unlike food additives, it is absolutely formal drug. Step Xenical based on its ability to inhibit the work material, which is called lipase. The lipase produced in the human pancreas, and promotes the breakdown and absorption of fat entering the gastrointestinal tract consisting of food eaten. As a result of taking Xenical, eaten fat to 30% less digestible. That is, 30% of ingested fat is not split into their components, is not absorbed in the intestine, and passes the gastrointestinal tract without delay and output together with the feces.

Buy Xenical – Generic Orlistat 120 mg in Australia

Orlistat 120mg in Australia

Xenical action

Action Xenical completely opposite to actions that have a “fat burner with bromelain” (bromelain breaks down fats). Once again – Xenical works only on fats! Therefore, it can be assigned only in case if a large part of your diet consists mainly of animal fats. Absorption of carbohydrates (cakes, chocolates, sweet rolls, beer, etc.), and the absorption of proteins Xenical does not affect. Therefore, if the animal fats do not make you a significant part of the diet, then take Xenical is completely useless. No effect will be. Sometimes people taking “Xenical” wrote: “I decided to lose weight. Now taking Xenical and switched to vegetarian food. The week kicked off 2 kg. ” So, in this case, Xenical completely irrelevant. Weight loss has occurred due to the transition to the reduced calorie diet. And take Xenical in this case – it’s the same thing as simply wash thousand-paper in the toilet (Xenical package worth about a thousand rubles). Because, again, that Xenical only affects the absorption of fat. But that’s not all. Suppose you really eat a lot of fat (which in itself should not be, because the failure of Xenical, keeping the previously customary diet, you will get your very soon kilograms) and receiving Xenical helps you lose weight. In this case, the presence of very large amounts of fat in the stool causes oily discharge from the anus, bloating, diarrhea, fecal incontinence. Can you imagine what it means to “fecal incontinence”? Sits adult, respectable man at a meeting with management and suddenly he had a “fecal incontinence.” This, to put it mildly, the psychological trauma for life. But that’s not all. There is such a procedure of cleansing the large intestine – colon hydrotherapy (“shower for bowel”). Into the rectum through the tube, at low pressure, water is added (per procedure from 12 to 15 liters), and then this water is pumped out, introducing the stool. This procedure is usually done by a qualified medical professional. So, experts conducting hydrocolonotherapy, note that patients taking Xenical earlier, stand out among all others. They are displayed along with the feces literally pieces of fat, and so large that even the lead-out pipe clogged. Incidentally, this is why, often receiving Xenical and administered with colon hydrotherapy. This is done in time to withdraw fat from the colon.

To summarize: Xenical prevents absorbed 30% fats, entered with food, the remaining 70% still digestible. Xenical is recommended to be taken only after a fatty meal. If your diet is low in animal fat, then take Xenical pointless. After receiving Xenical have to go through the procedure of cleansing the bowel – hydrocolonotherapy. Oh, and keep in mind, since there are a number of contraindications Xenical, then you can take it only as a doctor-endocrinologist.

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