Levitra Side Effects

Levitra is a powerful drug that is usually used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and impotence. It is perfectly developed by some of the world highly educated and experienced doctors who collect different samples to come up with functional and top of the class drugs that seek to ease this problem in men. Research indicates that impotence is increasing at an alarming rate in the modern times as many men try had to cope up with the condition. Levitra (vardenafil) is well known for its ability to relax the muscles and increasing the flow of blood to specific areas of the body. Even in its powerful state, the drug has been reported to carry side-effects that we will analyze and help our readers view them from a better platform of reality.

Side-effects of Levitra

1. Vision change

This has been described as a powerful drug and one of its main side-effects is vision change. Users are usually encouraged to see their doctor it they encounter such sudden vision change so that they get immediate help.

2. Chest pains

Those using this drug for the firs time admit to feeling heart attack symptoms that may vary. This may include chest pains, jaw pains, shoulder aches, pressure, and nausea. You can ask your doctor on the direction of their use and avoid the drug if you usually get allergic reactions to certain drugs.

3. Hearing problems

This is a powerful drug and some users have reported to experiencing ringing ears or sudden hearing loss. It is important to be aware of such reactions and finding out if indeed you need this drug.

4. Swellings

Some men swell on their legs, hands, ankles as a result of the quick reaction to the drug. Users are advised to avoid discontinuing the drug since these swelling disappear immediately during the onset of the drug in the body.

5. Sometimes longer and painful penis erections.

Since this drug supplies blood actively to the penis, other users have complained of receiving longer and somehow painful penis erections. It is important to however understand the right dosage that works perfectly.

6. Stomach upsets

During the initial intake of this drug, you may experience involuntary stomach upsets. This is normal especially to people who are usually allergic to taking tablets or drugs ingested through the mouth.

All these are some of the side-effects that people may experience while using Levitra. Some are mild and others may require the intervention of doctors. It is important to avoid taking alcohol or certain juices since they can easily distort the performance of the drug in the body.

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