What you need to Know before Using Kamagra Jelly


Kamagra is an oral jelly prescribed for dealing with a variety of erectile dysfunction problems. The active composition of the jelly is Sildenafil, which also happens to be the active component of Viagra. The jelly stimulates sexual sensitivity by increasing blood flow to the blood vessels near the genitals, thereby stimulating arousal which in turn leads to a stronger and longer erection.

Kamagra oral jelly Australia

Kamagra oral jelly Australia

How the jelly works

The jelly is orally administered before engaging in a sexual intercourse. It generally takes effect about 40 minutes after administering, during which the man begins to feel genital sensitivity. Once the erection is achieved, it can hold for up to six hours and is often characterized by shorter recovery time after each orgasm.

However, a stronger and longer erection is not the only advantage of this jelly. It also has the capacity to withhold ejaculation, ensuring the man can hold longer and, therefore, leads to a more satisfying sexual experience.

As a general rule, the jelly is suitable for all men within the ages of 18 and 82 years. The various problems treated by this jelly include; erectile dysfunction, impotence and rapid onset of orgasm.

Who shouldn’t take the jelly?

The following groups of people should not take the Kamagra jelly;

-Those who suffer from cardiovascular disease.

-Those with a history of stroke or heart attacks.

-Those with a hypersensitive reaction to any of the ingredients of Kamagra.

-Those with kidney or liver disease.

-Those suffering from a low or high blood pressure.

In addition to these groups of people, those who are younger than 18 years or older than 65 years are also discouraged from taking the jelly, unless under recommendation from a specialist.

Possible side effects

Kamagra jelly has no side effects per se. However, the very fact that it is a jelly means it interacts with various substances and may, in conjunction with those substances, cause a variety of side effects.

Before using the jelly, it is important that you carefully read the instructions for use and ensure you do not use it with beta-blockers, nitrates as well as oral hypoglycemic agents.

Some of the known side effects associated with this jelly include visual disturbance characterized by changes in color vision or blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, nasal congestion, flushing, indigestion and headache. Other side effects may manifest depending on the extent of exposure as well as any underlying medical condition.

Buying the dug online

There are many websites that offer Kamagra jelly online and many Australians are finding it convenient to purchase this jelly through the online platform.

However, people are encouraged to tread with caution and ensure they purchase the jelly from reputable online dealers in order to avoid getting swindled by the many unscrupulous dealers present on the internet today.

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