Kamagra Oral Jelly in Perth online

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a leading generic version of the men’s health medication Viagra, easily available in Australia. Kamagra Oral Jelly is produced by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, an Indian brand. After the patent for Viagra expired, Kamagra Oral Jelly was produced using Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra.

Buy Kamagra Oral Jelly in Perth online

This ingredient, Sildenafil, was originally produced as a medication for an unrelated medical condition, angina pectoris. While it was unsuccessful in treating the cardiac condition, Sildenafil citrate did significantly assist in stimulating genital blood flow.  This makes it an extremely effective drug in the treatment of men’s erectile dysfunction. Kamagra Oral Jelly is also a cGMP inhibitor. cGMP is a naturally-occurring enzyme that controls blood flow to the penis. Kamagra Oral Jelly’s effects on this allow for a natural, healthy erection.
Unlike the pill form of Sildenafil, Viagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly has been produced with a pleasant taste in mind, available in a gel form with multiple flavors of capsules. Absorbing the drug through the mouth also allows for a faster reaction time, as the mucous membrane of the mouth is permeable.
Generally the effects of the drug last for four to six hours, though some users have reported its effects lasting more than six hours. The jelly should be taken approximately thirty-five to forty minutes before sexual activity. The usual recommended dose for an adult male is 50mg. Depending on the individual, however, this dose may be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25mg.
This medication is contraindicated in the following groups:- Individuals suffering from cardiac (heart-related) disease- Individuals already using other medications or supplements for erectile dysfunction- Individuals with kidney or liver ailments.- Individuals with a history of cardiac disease or stroke- Individuals with allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients in Kamagra Oral Jelly- Individuals with hypotension or hypertension (low or high blood pressure)- Individuals under eighteen or above sixty-five years of age (if this affects you, consult a doctor)- Individuals taking medications from the families of nitrates, beta -blockers, or oral hypoglycemic agents.

Kamagra Oral Kelly and its active ingredient, Sildenafil, are also known to cause certain side effects:

– Headache

– Sinus or nasal congestion

– Blushing/redness

– Indigestion

– Dizziness

– Visual disturbances

Purchasing Kamagra Oral Jelly online in Australia is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Purchasing the drug in bulk helps to lower the cost even further. Purchasing 10 doses simultaneously costs around $4.52 a sachet, while purchasing 100 lowers the cost to $2.83 a piece. Several shipping methods are available, including Australia Post, Express Post, and Swiss Post. These drugs are delivered quickly straight to your door from trusted pharmacies operating online, no differently than visiting a brick-and-mortar pharmacy elsewhere.

While a prescription is not strictly necessary to purchase these medications, it is strongly recommended that you ask your healthcare professional before beginning Kamagra Oral Jelly or any other medication. Discuss with your doctor your complete medication and medical history before beginning your dose of this medication.

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