Cialis Super Active: dosage and how to buy it

Cialis Super Active is commonly used for treatment of impotence or male erectile dysfunction. While it has no states warning again female use, it is not intended for women. Cialis super active is different than its predecessor “Cialis” in that it acts faster and lasts longer than the original Cialis. Those who have used Cialis Super Active have reported that Cialis Super Active was able to help treat their erectile dysfunction effectively. It should be noted that certain men have noticed that if Cialis Super Active is taken with a meal that contains a lot of fat, the pill will take longer than usual to take effect. Cialis Super Active works by inhibiting men’s PDE therefore ensuring a stronger and longer lasting erection. The main ingredient in Cialis Super Active is Tadalafil which allows greater blood flow to the penis. Greater blood flow leads to a stronger and longer sustained erection. It’s recommended that Cialis Super Active be consumed 3 to 4 hours before intercourse to maximize the effects of Cialis Super Active. One pill dosage per day is enough to experience the desired effects of Cialis Super Active and it is commonly prescribed in doses of 20mg.

Cialis Super Active in Australia

Cialis Super Active in Australia

Side effects

The instructions on the packaging of Cialis Super Active are specific about not exceeding the one dosage in a 24 hour period. Doing so may result in unwanted side effects. It is also not recommended to consume any other type of erectile dysfunction medicine while taking Cialis Super Active. Prior to consumption of Cialis Super Active it’s important that consumers consult with their doctor or primary health provider and follow their instructions. While not necessary it is recommended that an additional source of arousal is present while using Cialis Super Active for the benefit of the user and their partner.

Cialis testimony

The following testimony is from a real Cialis Super Active user:

“I am a 57 year old man and thought that I erectile dysfunction would permanently kill my relationship with my wife. Even since I started taking Cialis Super Active, I’ve been able to enjoy the intimacy of sex with my wife. I no longer have to be ashamed or see my wife be embarrassed for me. Cialis Super Active has changed my life for the better. I feel more confident and I have a better outlook on life.”

Millions of men around the world have used Cialis Super Active. There have been thousands of clinical trials to ensure the safety of all potential Cialis Super Active users. Side Effects may include headaches, back aches, runny nose, stomach pain, indigestion or acid reflux. Those who did experience any side effects reported that the effects where completely gone within 48 hours. Those with existing health conditions such as Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or vascular disorders may experience additional side effects. Cialis Super Active is the premiere medication to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction. After experiencing the benefits of Cialis Super Active, men and their partners are praising the ability of the medication to provide a long lasting and strong erection.